The 2020 Season Line Up! 

This season we are excited to be adding some new varieties and expanding our produce families as a whole. Remember, when you shop from a local farmer, the more you buy, the more we can grow. 


In the 2020 season you can expect everyone's favorite russet "goldrush", along with white, yellow, and red. We start digging yellow and red as "new potatoes" as soon as mother nature lets us, and continue to harvest into the main season. 

Sweet Corn

What's a weekend in the summer without some fresh corn on the cob. We are continuing our cultivation with Honey Select. Honey select is yellow corn, sugar enhanced, with large cobs that stay fresh longer than peaches n' cream. 


We love to grow a large variety of greens. Mesclun mix is one our favorites, a blend from the west coast of Canada with 8 varieties peaks the top of the list. Of course we also grow head and leaf lettuce, spinach, and kale.

Root Vegetables

Those returning customers from 2018 know us for our roots. Deep red, candy cane, and new this year yellow beets. Along with some of the sweetest carrots around, and radish vibrant enough to post your salads on social media


The 2019 year saw a downfall in this category due to a late start for us but it's a new year with new changes. This year we are proud to bring back green and purple kohlrabi, purple and white cauliflower, broccoli, green and red cabbage, and turnips.


Cucumbers, one of our favorite things to grow. The 2020 season brings both field and english cucumbers, along with Gherkins for pickling.


One of the top items we take great pride in is tomatoes. 2020 will bring both vine and beefsteak tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes such as vintage wine, a big juicy red and yellow beefsteak, We also grow a variety of cherry and grape tomatoes, with Sweet Heart Grapes hitting the top of the sales list.


Peppers hit the top of the farmers favorite thing to grow at Hunter Creek Farm. A wide variety of sweet peppers, and an even more diverse assortment of hot peppers. 

Squash & Melons

A customer favorite, the Festival Acorn Squash is returning for 2020, along with butternut, buttercup, pattypan, yellow and green zucchini, watermelon, and cantaloupe.